2018 views | Tue, 25th of July, 2017

I’m a girl called temptation

Never your girl,

your wife

or your boo

Just a thought

that comes

in the middle

of the night

Just because

she said

‘not tonight’

A girl called temptation

A sexual fantasy

Never a reality

I sit and wonder

are you’re missing me

You enjoy the mystery


Sneaking and Creeping

Whispering slithering

Wondering and wondering

Figuring it’s just your eye wandering


I’m a girl called temptation

All of me

Never enough

for you

Making me

make decisions

Making me

lose sight of me

A girl called temptation

I play along

with you

A game

in which

I always lose

I sleep with

an eye open

On a secret

bed of lies