uNomvula ubeja ngeTaxes zethu?

740 views | Thu, 9th of February, 2017


Kahle kahle Anc has nyols. What an absolute disaster of a once powerful struggle movement. ANC is the longest running African political party in SA so it is quite disappointing that it has become what it has become…..rubbish.

A question for ANC members: At which point do you hold your leaders accountable? For the past 22 years all we have seen is ANC leaders being corrupt and getting away with it.

We have no example of an ANC leader being held accountable. The only time ANC has ever punished anyone, was when ANC shot itself in the foot by recalling Thabo Mbeki. You all are such a greedy and power hungry lot you couldn’t even let him finish his term. Well since that spectacular move, ANC has been a huge disaster area. What has become apparent is that you have no vision or plan for SA, you are just rotating positions around so some of your dodgy leaders can live in big houses.


ANC… have been an embarrassment. Let us address the new scandal, you have so many scandals I should be more specific. The minister of water affairs, Nomvula Mokonyane the only affairs of hers we know is her love affairs and how she uses her position to buy toys for her boy. The toy in question is Mabala Noise. There has been much speculation on how this new music label was formed. It is a problem if the minister has funded her man with public funds to create a record label. Public funds are not pocket money for toy boys. I as a South African citizen need to be put to ease by the Minister coming out to defend these claims. And if these claims are true…she must be fired. We need to know how Mabala noise was funded and Shout Out to all the artists who are now potentially guilty of stealing public funds.

We cannot afford to have leaders who bring their bedroom to leadership positions. It is tacky and low class and does not make our country look good. This lady must stop using our money to keep a man.


If Minister Mokonyane’s boyfriend has been benefitting from corrupt deals, this matter must be addressed immediately.

ANC does not know how to call its leaders to order which is why we currently have a president that nobody wants. They will argue that we voted for ANC and thus for him, but we all know full well that Africans are suffering from the trauma of not wanting to be lead by whites and ANC is riding that fact. Too bad their attempts at leadership are nothing short of a tragic comedy.

Minister Mbalula even dropped porn on his twitter account and life went on as usual.


I will never support the SaveSA movement because it is just a white supremacy movement aiming to discredit black governance. These white capital monopolists are just angry because they can see we are about to take our economy back. No amount of distraction from Save SA will take away from the fact that they are living off stolen goods and stolen land. If Save SA is so serious about saving SA, why don’t they raise funds for Fees Must Fall amongst themselves since they run the economy? Instead they are out here acting self righteous when they are not different from the ANC….CORRUPT.


Can the ANC stop being such an embarrassment of government. You have fallen from grace and are a shadow of what you used to be. You have allowed rotten apples to take over the movement and they have contaminated your whole legacy. When are you going to get your act together and be what you claimed to be?   You claim to be a liberation movement but all you have proven is that, you are a bunch of self serving people with no vision just a great desire to be in power and to serve yourselves

We simply cannot have leaders who are blessing their toyboys with our taxes. sies man.