The Master's Horses

1623 views | Tue, 10th of July, 2018

As I sit and reflect on the political situation in South Africa, I realise that African people have a long way to go before we are free. Our own leaders themselves are far from free. It looks like the fight for black dignity is nowhere near over. We thought we were fighting to remove a system only to find that our people just want to fill the spaces in that very same system. None of our leaders are fighting to change the system they just want to benefit from it.


Every year it is with great dismay that I look at Africans fall all over themselves for horse racing events that have nothing to do with them. Every year the blacks get excited about the master’s horses going to race. They gain absolutely nothing from the exercise, they are there to just clap hands. What makes it worse is the fact that the slaves get so much satisfaction, status and clout. It is with pride with which they see the opportunity to go watch the master’s horses run around.


This past weekend, the slaves adorned themselves in the master’s clothes and competed over who could look the most European. The slaves didn’t even go as themselves babhemi. They sat and studied European fashion and got African designers to imitate European fashion so that they could look the ‘best.’

But wait, this is all slap bang in the middle of the land debate. (*Claps Hands 3 times)


I can never imagine our fallen revolutionaries doing this. They are chasing after white things, while in pursuit of black justice? This new model of revolutionaries is so confusing to the eye. It is easy on the ears but confusing to the eye. You are fighting for the poor while you drink champagne with the whites? When EFF joined parliament I thought they would question the high salaries but they just got comfortable in the pay cheque of being MPs. How you as a civil servant and someone of supposed service can rationalise getting R80 000/month and fight for a R3 500 minimum wage is beyond me. And yes of course we must always remember, you have bills to pay. (unlike everybody else.) People always claim they are going to change the system from inside but the system always changes them.


In my mind, our government has always been represented by ‘blessers, booze and opulence.’ This has stagnated our development as a nation and as a result we find ourselves two decades later in the same situation. Not much has changed since apartheid. Only the ‘slegs blankes’ signs have gone down, the rest remains the same.

The media keeps creating hype events that get you excited and distracted from the real issues facing us as a people. The rich white capitalists keep buying our leaders and as a result nobody is truly representing us.


So yes, when I saw my government in waiting at the Durban July, it worried me. The fact that Durban July was even a whole ‘thing’ for them. Ukuthi iDurban July is their kinda vibe...


I saw that I was just dealing with a younger version of ANC.