The Gucci Revolutionary

2612 views | Tue, 19th of September, 2017

Sometimes I find South Africans frustrating. South Africans can follow an illogical narrative and stick to it. They fail to critically analyse things. They just say things.

I am going to tell you once and for free. There is no Afrikan revolutionary who is obsessed with material wealth and expensive western labels. Issa lie.

When we speak of revolution in Afrika, we speak of eradicating exploitation and empowering all the people of this continent. It has nothing to do with Gucci and German cars.

A true African leader with a vision is not fixated on ‘White People Things.’


Wearing expensive clothes has nothing to do with the revolution. Infact it only goes to prove that your leaders are victims of marketing and white supremacy. What kind of a revolution has the people chasing other people’s things? Leadership with no Black Consciousness is a flop.


The revolutionary leaders I have read about were more concerned with empowering their own people and elevating the status of their own. They were not fighting the struggle to wear expensive watches. The struggle was for equality. Equality was being that local designers should be on the same perceived level as the west’s Gucci’s and LV’s. Revolutionary leaders are not concerned with buying expensive things they are more concerned with making sure that their people are selling their own expensive things.

Equality being that every person in this land has land, not just the revolutionary leaders. Right now our revolutionary leaders think that wearing normal clothes is a sign of poverty and being dirty. It is tragic because the bulk of the people they represent wear normal clothes. That in itself reflects the self hate of our revolutionary leaders. If our revolutionary leaders need to dress up for the war are they really ready for the war. They seem to be more concerned with fitting into the VIP club.


If our revolutionary leaders are not living amongst us, on whose behalf are they speaking when they do not know our daily struggles? The majority of our people are staying in townships but we are represented by revolutionary leaders living in high class neighbourhoods. How urgent is change for them? How urgent is change for us? Or are our revolutionary leaders just comfortably enjoying an income that gives them access to their own desires?


They keep saying you don’t need to be broke to be a revolutionary, indeed you don’t but an obsession with material wealth will certainly hinder your vision. If your end goal is Gucci and big cars, that is not a revolution for the African people. White supremacy does not benefit Africans.


The lack of black consciousness teaching is glaring from our young revolutionaries. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t claim to be ‘woke’ when everything around you is a celebration of whiteness. Pick your struggle.


There is nothing Pan Africanist about our revolutionaries and that is a frightening thought. There are no voices shouting for African Unity, a Black economy and fair distribution of land. The revolution has become about bringing Zuma down.


When I imagine a public servant, it is not a fashionista or someone obsessed with money...I imagine a simple soul obsessed with helping people. Because truly, as a leader your love of people should exceed your love of ‘Nice Life.’


You guys can miss me on this narrative that just because you’re a revolutionary it doesn’t mean you can’t be dressed in expensive western clothes. You are victims of imperialism and justifying it. If you were as black conscious as you say you are your actions would show it.


Tholukuthi this revolution is just ANC the sequel...