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THE BLACK IMBIZO is a dialogue platform for Africans to 

engage on issues affecting Africans. Living in a country where the narrative is outside of the 

African voice, a platform like this is deemed a revolutionary act. Spear headed by Africanists;

poet Ntsiki Mazwai and author of 'I'm still a kaffir,' Vukulu Sizwe Maphindani. These two 

black voices are known for stirring up Black 

Consciousness dialogues and such an initiative promises to be explosive, informative and constructive. In a tour that will at times involve various pan Africanist and Black Nationalist speakers and leaders, The Black Imbizo hopes to create a space for the voices of people on the ground on how to best deal with our own issues. 

It is a tour based on finding African solutions for Africans, by Africans. We can no longer rely on others to create systems for us.


Ntsiki Mazwai is an unapologetic Poet who have made headlines in South Africa's media because of her brutal honesty and works of poetry, whilst Vukulu Sizwe Maphindani is a fearless Black Power leader 

heading the Black Centric Forum Movement and also a black consciousness author.


The Black Imbizo is an initiative set to address and redress the 

injustices that black people have been going through for over 400 years and continue to suffer the latter in present day colonialism. Initially reflections will be based on Ntsiki's Musical Poetry and Vukulu's literary offerings but the Imbizo is a broad-based project for black psychological development. The black imbizo is the big black pot that we will all throw our ideas into, working towards a more dignified African experience. 


The tour will kick off at Nikki’s Oasis, 138 Lilian Ngoyi st, Newtown (opposite Market Theatre) on 21 July at 4pm. Admission is free and the talks will be hosted fortnightly in different areas; ranging from bookshops, coffee shops, Auditoriums, 

Forums etc.


Owing to the fact that Africans find it difficult to express themselves in the presence of white people; White people will not be allowed at participating venues. A time has come where Africans need to speak amongst themselves, without fear, without interference.


The Black Imbizo is a movement based on love and the restoration of African dignity.

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