#SocialMediaShutdown WE SURVIVED

770 views | Thu, 22nd of June, 2017


If John has a shop and you buy bread from him at R20 five times a week…he is getting R100 from you every week.


If you do not buy for one day, he earns R80 rand from you (loses 20)

If two of you do this then instead of making R200, he is only getting R160 (loss 40)

If three of you do this then instead of making R300, he is making R240 (loss 60)

If four of you do this then instead of making R400, he is makingR320 (loss 80)


Do you now see that the more people join this campaign the more cellular networks will lose revenue? At some point they will have to budge. They rely on the naysayers to safeguard them from exploiting us. They need you to believe that this will never work. But this is simple maths guys. Capitalists work with numbers….there is at least eighty million cellular phone subscribers in South Africa. WE are those eighty million.


Please continue to spread the word on the #DataMustFall protest. This is truly a strategy that requires numbers. You have nothing to lose, just one day in the week. Wednesdays to be specific.

Until data prices fall we will be having 24hour shut downs where we will switch off data and not buy data.


These cellular networks are exploiting us and have us at ransom. Please lodge your complaints to the competition commission of SA http://www.compcom.co.za/complaints/ as this is not ethical business practice. We cannot have the second highest data costs in the world with our high unemployment rate.

These high data prices are a violation to the right to access to information. In this Information Age it is crippling our nation not having access to the internet.

They also create barriers into industries as entrepreneurs have to carry this obscene cost of data. Students can’t access their schoolwork. This madness has to stop.


This movement is a people's movement, it is nobody else’s responsibility to fight this battle…please do what you can. If you have legal information or ways forward, lead. This is an opportunity for us ALL to use our power.


Big UP to all South Africans who were dedicated to the data struggle yesterday…we survived the #SocialMediaShutDown…..next week Wednesday we make it even bigger.


Tell everybody you know….the revolution is HERE!!!!

#DataWillFall #ShutdownWednesdays