Point Breaking

2531 views | Sun, 6th of August, 2017

We seem to be going round in circles. Racism and white supremacy seems to be a recurring issue in our social politics. Perhaps it is long overdue that we address this problem we are facing. White people abusing black people have always been a problem in South Africa. How such a small minority group is causing so many problems for social cohesion is beyond my understanding.


The latest KNOWN incident involved six white men beating up a couple in front of their kid at a family food outlet. A video with people screaming and getting beaten up surfaced on social media. What amazes me is that white people are not shy to show their violence. They adorn violence like it is a badge they wear with pride. Many white people are going to be angry at my generalization but the problem is that when the violence rears its ugly head, they say NOTHING. When most white people turn a blind eye to the racism of ‘some’ white people then we can only assume that racism is normal in the white community. We can only assume that you all go the same school of white supremacy; that when these racist attacks happen, you are being spoken for.


Just before we were injected with Guptaphobia there was a case of a white farmer who shot a cattle herd that belonged to a black farmer. Even the animal loving white activists were silent.

Every time there is a racist incident, white people are silent. Racism is the disease eating away at our nation. Our nation does not have room for racists.


It could have been any of us at that food outlet. Afrikaner men are running around with guns threatening our lives. If six black men had attacked a white couple in front of their kids, the world would have come to a standstill. From the moment you endanger our black women, you put your white women in danger too. This is not a threat, just common science. For every action there is a reaction. There will come a time when our rage will not end on social media.


The government needs to criminalise racism otherwise visitors will have to go back to their homes of origin. Shape up or ship out. Our patience is running thin.


Have white people ever taken the time to really reflect on HOW they are still here after everything they have done to us? It is not that we are stupid that we co- exist with you, it is that we deeply value LIFE. It is not that we fear you...it is that we fear the shame we would have to live with if we had a history anything like yours. We do not want to be a people who destroy and kill. We do not want to be like you. Our men will not beat up your families at drive-thrus. Our fathers will not shoot your cattle. We do not want to be anything like you.


To every one of you, there are nine of us however when it comes to violence...you win.