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NAME:                                  Nontsikelelo Mazwai

STAGENAMES:                  Ntsiki Mazwai; MaMiya; StreetQueen; The Ntsikinator

CRAFT:                                  Beadwork Artist; Poet; Musician; Producer; Author; Blogger; Social Activist

D.O.B                                    3 September 1980. Soweto

EDUCATION:                      Marketing Management (IMM, 2008)

                                              Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (Wits Business school, 2014)

MA (creative writing) Cum Laude (Rhodes University, 2017) 

AWARDS:                            Golden Circle youth award for community service

LGBTI award for using Art to engage Social Issues

Most innovative Student (Wits Business School)


CATALOGUE:                     The House of Mobu (Beadwork Range. 2002)

MaMiya (Spoken Word SAMA nominated album 2008)

Ntsiki Speaks (1 woman play, 2009, 2017)

Wena (Poetry anthology, 2010)

Mama Said Session (Talkshow/Music series, 2012-2013)

NDINGUBANI (Spoken Word and Music album, 2013)

The Masterpiece (Spoken Word and Music album, 2018)


A vocal and opinionated artist, if Ntsiki is not using the stage to confront sensitive issues then she is confronting them on her twitter account. Ntsiki has the ability to provoke issues and for many years has been the lightening rod for national debate in South Africa. A gifted artist who has collaborated with the best in South Africa’s musical crop, Ntsiki has steadily emerging as a powerhouse on the cultural and media landscape.

Ntsiki’s artistic trajectory has been inspiring to watch. She initially introduced herself to the public with her stunning and unique beadwork range, The House of Mobu. Her range enjoyed much success in the early 2000s as favorite for fashion pages,SA Fashion week and matric dances. She then mutated and used her writing talent as part of an all woman spoken word collective, Feel A Sistah. Feela Sistah skyrocketed the forgotten art of poetry into the mainstream during the time and South Africa saw a vibrant Era in spoken word and poetry; Ntsiki then later released the smash hit ‘uRongo,’ as a solo musical performer which went on to become the biggest selling song in 2005.

Ntsiki has enjoyed a solo music career releasing three albums, SAMA nominated MAMIYA (2008), NDINGUBANI (2013) and THE MASTERPIECE (2018). She has travelled extensively promoting her music across South Africa, Jamaica, Belgium, Italy, America, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania.


Over the years her creative energy has mutated into diverseforms while always maintaining its beauty, authenticity and integrity. Her book Wena was launched on woman’s day 2010 in Johannesburg and later in Tanzania. Owing to her independent nature she has created and hosted many open mic platforms in and around Johannesburg, Her popular Mama Said Sessions at Roodepoort theatre were a highlight where she created a meeting ground for those already established in the entertainment industry to mentor upcoming youth. 


Centred around black consciousness and women’s issues Ntsikiperforms locally and abroad. Being the pioneer of mixing poetry with house music, in an effort to ‘take literature to the dance floors,’ Ntsiki continues to push musical boundaries. Ntsikiperforms with a dj, rapping her poetic rhymes to deep and soulful house music; she also performs with a full band.

She likes to spend her time visiting inmates in prisons and visiting schools to give talks. Ntsiki has a deep love for people, justice and truth and this often resonates in her words, work and actions.

Her work as a social activist often lands her into trouble as she forces society to confront uncomfortable issues. She has written letters to presidents as well as fed economically challengedfamilies with her initiative #TwitterBuntu. An online charity where she creates a meeting ground for those in need and those who can help. Ntsiki is a spirit who is always ready to use herself as a vehicle for change. 


While most stars are found in the sky……this star has a tendency to be found walking in the streets….hence they call herSTREET QUEEN. .

WEBSITE: www.ntsikimazwai.com

TWITTER: @ntsikimazwai

FACEBOOK: Ntsiki Mazmai

INSTAGRAM: miss_ntsiki_mazwai

SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/ntsikimazwai

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: www.youtube.com/ntsikimazwai

BLOG: www.wordpress.com/ntsikimazwai

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/ndingubani/id663474147

BOOKINGS:      missmazwai@gmail.com