NGIYAZIKHULUMELA press release 1 January 2019

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1 JANUARY 2019







In the famous words of the wise man Velaphi, ‘Yaqala inkathazo ke madoda!’


Ntsiki Mazwai has started a podcast in what seems to be the beginning of a bumpy and dramatic election year in South Africa. Known for stirring up debates and conversation with her twitter account, this year she adds a daily podcast, ‘Ngiyazikhulumela’ to further engage the nation.


Ntsiki released her first podcast on her soundcloud account in the wee hours of New Years day and candidly spoke about her expectations for the year ahead. She also opened her heart about the ‘haters’ and let us inside her soft side.


‘Ngiyazikhulumela’ are 10-15min podcasts that gives us a window into Mazwai’s multi faceted mind. Known for not mincing her words, the podcasts gives listeners an opportunity to experience her first hand, while addressing some of society’s ills. Her show also includes a local music features in a bid to expose more local talent.


‘I am often misunderstood. I think that the more I allow people to experience the real me, the easier it is for all of us. I say things and often they have double meanings and I get a lot of backlash for that, but I try not to let it get me down. Lately I am more conscious of the emotional support system around me. I surround myself with love. I am excited to be doing these podcasts. I think they are a great way to get the country talking and to connect better with my audience, ’says Mazwai.


If her twitter account is anything to go by then ‘Ngiyazikhulumela’ promises to be some type of spicy situation on the daily.   


‘The Queen’ is what she is affectionately known as; an avant-garde social rights activist, beadwork artist, musician and awarded poet. Most of her poetry exposes her deep rootedness in Pan Africanism, a generous and transparent being who tells the people’s stories-without holding back, telling our story unashamedly. She boasts an MA in literature and remains one of the leading revolutionary voices in South African whilst equally being one of South Africa’s brightest stars.


A well travelled artist who has collaborated with many a South African legends; exploring the foremost themes in South Africa like racism, patriarchy and African spirituality and is at times the centre of controversy for it.


SAMA nominee, theatre productions, poetry and live music concerts, community service awards, a beadwork range, running her website and more; she remains a darling, a raging flame of love. Love for culture, justice and wellness.


Ntsiki Mazwai is Ready, Set and Gone!


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