Molweni, Sanibonani, Dumelang

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Molweni! Sanibonani! Dumelang! Welcome to the new home of NTSIKI MAZWAI her majesty the queen, Nontsikelelo the one and only Cheri Egrand, Original Pakistan, Queen of the Streets, MaMiya imbongikazi yesizwe. She who spits fires and truths; keeping the daily fires of Azania burning. She with a mighty tongue that strikes as it wills and knows no sacred cows. Sons and daughters of the soil we have a home to share our stories, engage, get mad at each other, make up and grow.


After taking one year away from my business in the arts, I am back with a Masters degree (with distinction). They often say that when you educate a woman, you educate a nation. I have spent much of this year getting my act back together finding ways I can have a positive impact on the community.

Thank you for taking the time to come to my cosy corner. My new website has some amazing things in store for us. I will have a weekly newsletter (In Her Opinion) which I will drop on Sunday mornings. This is where I will catch up on the week’s events and happenings. It will just be my regular stuff where I complain about everything. Hahahahahaha!

There is a comments section where comments will be screened. Much like my twitter account you are welcome to disagree with me and I will post your comment. But please no rudeness!!! You can waste your time typing your ugly message, but I will not post it! I encourage active debates, so please lets disagree with class and dignity. It will get heated at times, I encourage us all to maintain an element of respect in all matter how much I piss you off.

We do not have a black owned media so I wish to create a platform that has a realistic black narrative and thought system. This platform is going to need your intellectual prowess. This week there is a very high likelihood that my energy will be directed towards the Cici and Arthur domestic violence case. I’m just saying.

It is women’s month after all and everything is about amplifying the spirit of sistahood. #SistahoodAmplified


I also have an Open Mic page for all the budding and established poets! Yay! There are so few platforms for izimbongi zosiba (poets of the page), I think it is pretty awesome that we will be exposed to your great works! I look forward to seeing emerging talent grow and helping in establishing fan bases....and of course growing African literature.


There are live feeds from my Twitter and Instagram accounts. You will be able to track me directly and eavesdrop on my twitter conversations in peace. My Instagram account will expose you to all the great local talent and people we have in South Africa. Currently I am establishing myself in the creative economy of Soweto. My Instagram account will expose you to some of the great and amazing things happening around me and especially in Soweto. (The most famous township in the world)

I believe that it is time for us to go back to our communities and rebuild them. When I look into the future I see Soweto as a CBD and tourist favourite. My mission is to be part of a greater Soweto and developing sustainable business models for entrepreneurs and artists. I will keep updating you on the projects I am in involved with...a queen never sleeps.


House of Mobu online store is coming soon. Whoop! You can order my beadwork directly from here. I don’t want to give away too much, too soon but basically, I think you ladies (and gents) deserve nice things.

My albums will also be available here soon.

My book WENA (2010) is out of stock, thank you for all the support. It’s time for a new book anyways.


This website is aimed at directing you to whichever part of my heART you want to access. There are links to my Youtube channel where you will find my videos as well as other sites where one can access my works. Some of my music is available on Soundcloud.


Welcome to my front office. For any queries please contact us.


Thank you to Katlego Tshimega Monamodi for an amazing website. You can find his works on and on twitter @standardKatz.


Thank you for my stunning pics : Flo Mokale, Tamuka Mtengwa, Slightlytoasty, Joseph Dhlwati


Welcome....and join in on the conversation....


Love and Power

Ntsiki Mazwai