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I want to tell you exactly why you are wasting my time when you focus solely on the Guptas with regards to the economy:


“R100 is stolen from me by two thieves John and Ahmed. John takes R80 and Ahmed takes R20….the last thing I’m going to do is help John chase Ahmed for my R20. John and Ahmed must both bring back my money or I must take it back. – Ntsiki Mazwai”


We were hoodwinked in CODESA guys. Owing to the fact that we follow a western justice system, they sat us down and played by their own rules and retained one of the most important assets to this country, the economy. And white people do that often.






They sat us down in that CODESA and sold us lies knowing FULL well what the assets and liabilities of this country were. They built the system so they fully understand its strengths and weakness’. They picked the right black faces to lead us. They taught those black faces how to run that system which essentially enriched white people and turned the black working class into slaves.

The ANC did not get into government and change laws and policies. It replaced the NP government, it is running the exact same system. ANC is essentially employed by white capital. This system we inherited has been running for centuries. The current government is there to secure overseas investors and make white people feel safe about their money.


For us people on the ground when we speak of the economy it is assumed we are only talking about the price of bread and milk and how this will affect us. Infact we are now talking about the collective monies made at JSE. We are talking about the private sector which is making trillions off the working class. We are talking about the fact that there are no fixed employment rules so white employers have for centuries been paying what they ‘feel’ like paying. Which is how a Pick n Pay teller can go home with R4 000 and management can get X10 of that if not more. How do they come to this conclusion that they deserve so much more than the people who actually do the work on the ground? You’re going to throw education at me, this education that we can ONLY get from the white man… at a fee. Kudlaliwe ngathi yazi. There are also MANY uneducated white people in high level management positions.


So essentially at CODESA we were given the political vote, (whatever that is) but not given the economy…the fruits of our land.

ANC failed to reverse economic trade policies that benefited foreigners over the indigenous people of this land. Our economy is a big cow on the ground being eaten by white people and ANC has been given a leg to eat and share amongst themselves. Now the ANC have brought in their Indian friends the Guptas to the kill and their Indian friends are not as submissive as them when it comes to eating and confronting whites. The Indians are not as scared of whites as the blacks are. Infact the Guptas are also only just using the blacks as their ticket in. The Indian family is not here to free the economy, they are here to eat and they are unapologetic about it.


What we have is a situation where the ANC and the Guptas are now starting to eat into the stomach of the fallen cow South Africa and it is upsetting white people as they feel that the cow is theirs.

White people in South Africa run the media and thus the narrative. They have used every media possible to make a noise about the Guptas and no noise about the remaining three legs , the torso and head of the cow which they continue to eat from. Essentially whites don t want to share the money they make by using us as sophisticated slaves. They can see the Guptas coming in and changing the ‘NP System’ and the real fear is that they are getting excluded from the economy. That is why they need us black people to fight this Gupta battle for them.


I was looking at a list 10 richest men in south Africa… is inundated in whiteness. THAT is who the enemy is.


Personally, I think the ANC, Guptas and White Capitalists should ALL be charged and sent to jail where they all belong.