1895 views | Wed, 19th of September, 2018

I am completely and utterly stunned at the irresponsible and ignorant reporting and conversations around Ganja since it was legalised yesterday. I am totally shocked at how people can talk so much about something they know nothing about. It has shown me that my people will take anything they are taught and run with it, without critically analysing things.


Like most people I grew up being taught that Ganja is bad, but the older I am getting I am seeing more and more holes in what I have been taught. Yesterday, an entire minister said Ganja is a gateway drug. I felt like he was just parroting something he has heard. When this was said to me in my early 20s, I was forced to ask myself if I believed that Rasta’s were drug addicts. I looked at the Rasta community and it had the most organised system based on African values. The argument fell flat. The Rasta community are not drug addicts and are in fact a little more conscious and spiritually enlightened than the average black South African.


I think a time has come where one should take it upon themselves to challenge what the white man has taught them to say. We have a justice and law system that was created by whites to advance whites. When you research why Ganja is illegal you come to learn that 1stly it is a weed so you cannot control it economically, 2ndly commercialising Ganja would make Afrika VERY rich. In the Transkei you have small towns that survive on the ganja trade. Ganja is bread and which cannot be controlled. Recently we have watched white people come together to ensure the legalisation on Ganja. There are also expensive licenses you will need to be able to grow Ganja in large quantities...who has that kind of money?


They also told me Ganja drives people crazy, but you know if that was the case, half of society would be crazy. I think we need to stop pointing to people who have mental conditions and blaming it on Ganja. I think that is irresponsible.


Our ancient ones used Ganja as a medicine and healer for many centuries before white people told us it is bad. To this day, medicinal people will tell you of all the ailments and illness’ ganja can cure.


You have reported about this muthi irresponsibly and are now creating a whole dramatic soap opera where you want us to believe that crime is suddenly going to go up because of Ganja. What a load of poop! If Anything Ganja will make you lazy AF and you will need to eat. There is no stoner in the world who is thinking of attacking people or doing anything violent after a good zol. Ganja is a relaxant, it has no time for crime. Ganja is clumsy. You might put peanut butter in the fridge but you certainly wont suddenly get violent urges.


It is always the people who don’t smoke who want to talk the loudest about Ganja. Why don’t you ask the smokers? It baffles me.


This is a good time to learn about Ganja and its health benefits. This is a very spiritual herb and it requires that you come at it with some respect. You need to humble yourselves and stop being dramatic. You’re missing out on an opportunity to learn. I wish for all traditional healers to come out and speak about why we Africans lived by Ganja in the past.


There is no white man who is going to tell me that those Xhosa makhulu’s with their pipes are crazy or drug addicts.