FOR THE LOVE OF AFRICA : Facebook Music and poetry Tour

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Press Release
26 May 2020

Att: Arts and Culture editors

Featuring Pops Mohamed, Ntsiki Mazwai and Poorvi

Covid 19 has had a dramatic impact in the entertainment and creative industries. The lockdown has meant that artists and performers should find alternative ways to promote their work and find new ways for gigs and streams of income. This has led to a mass migration online.
Lockdown has seen us enjoy artists stream their performances live online. The brave have already taken to their social media accounts and produce their own shows.
31 May 2020 at 5pm we will see something unique. In the first of its kind the FOR THE LOVE OF AFRICA Facebook Tour will have the audience moving from artist page to page (venue to venue) for the performance FOR THE LOVE OF AFRICA. 
We close off Africa month with a beautiful collaboration between Pops Mohamed, Ntsiki Mazwai and Poorvi. The artists will do Facebook streams of their performances from their own pages. The show starts on Poorvi’s page at 5pm. The show then migrates to Ntsiki Mazwai’s at 5:30pm. The last leg of the show is at 6pm on Although it is a free show the audience is encouraged to make donations to the various artist PayPal accounts. Details will be on screen and made easily available. 

We end off Africa month with what promises to be an afternoon of relaxation and healing where families can share a moment together. Gather your loved ones around a laptop and travel through time with indigenous music, storytelling and poetry. In this time of Covid 19 comes a time for introspection and going within ourselves. In African spirituality our religion is word and sound. On Sunday 31 May let us gather in the name of loving Africa and celebrate its diverse cultures. 

World renowned and multi award winning African Healer and musician Pops Mohamed’s contribution to the arts spans well over 40years. He plays a variety of African instruments and is known as the unofficial ‘minister of music.’ He had contributed immensely to  African music and ensuring that indigenous musical instruments are recognized as they carry the history of Africans.
Ntsiki Mazwai is an outspoken poet and musician. She often ruffles feathers with her unpopular opinions while at the same time inspiring people with her poetry. A strong and critical voice of her generation she uses words to make people confront and heal from uncomfortable truths and emotions. 
Award winning all round artist Poorvi Bhana plays the India guitar, the Sita. and is gifted in ceramics. Deeply routed in her culture she had traveled extensively with her indigenous instrument and as a dancer. She is deeply inspired by her Indian and African roots. . 
FOR THE LOVE OF AFRICA promises to be an evening of great depth and delight as we time travel to ancient times using modern technology. 
Join us on the Facebook music and poetry tour on Sunday 31 May at 5pm


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