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Nabaya ke besithengisa

Nabo benxiba amalabel behamba ngemichini

Bethengisa amaphupho omntana omnyama

Ngesenti emdaka


Lena besingayi lindelanga

Nabaya besebenziza iEducation besenza iSlaves

Zalesystem engasisebenzeli

They teaching the children to be better robots

Lost identities

walk around with nasal twangs

but nothing to say

Broken legacies of a people who don’t

Know their story

Giving away too much glory

In order to fit it

Nothing is giving in

Everything is still the same for the black nation

Only the slave master has changed complexion

Our leaders selling our water

Natural resources no longer belong to the people

Amasela athethe yonke into

Amasela amoshe yonke into


They act like black people can’t lead themselves

But problem is that they have sheep in place

getting their orders from London

So kuyafana sisaphethe amaDom pass.

Nawa amasela esithengisa

They only know how to self enrich;

But they want us to give them a round

Of applause for being black diamonds.

First black everything

but they don’t question

the lack of melanin

White affiliation equated to success

Nothing black is greatness

Our people want to be affirmed by whiteness.