Fake Humble

831 views | Wed, 21st of December, 2016

When Casspernyovest did FILL UP THE DOME: it was inspiring. When he did FILLUP THE STADIUM: he taught us how to dream.

When he stood on his two Bentleys…he was simply bragging and it degraded what he represented to me as a young South African.


What I used to like about Cassper was that he was humble, he gave us room to big him up and relate. As soon as Cassper made money he ditched the humble act.

Our youth need stars who will teach them noble characteristics. More than losing our land to white people, we have lost our principles and moral fibre. Our strong cultural and family foundation meant that before we were contaminated by white people, we were highly principled people. We were raised on Ubuntu. Our concept of God was Ubuntu. This meant that we had a deep understanding that human connection and mutual respect made a normal life, beautiful. I realise that most black people have amnesia but there was a time when we worked as a community and shared resources. There was a time when no family went hungry in any community. We even went as far as helping neighbours farm their lands. Even emakasi, no child went hungry. If a child had alcoholic parents who were not paying attention, that child always had another home in the neighbourhood. We had no orphans.

We lived on values that were about serving our community. Success was based on how much you uplifted other people, it was not a status given to you by a white man. Success was never about things you own, it was more about the things you did.

The white man comes along and gives some of us things and now we call that success. Who does that success serve? It feels nice on the ego but who does it uplift? Are we so desperate for white validation that all we want is a piece of their privilege and to look down on other blacks? Damn.

Is that what the struggle was about? Being like white people? Do we stand with our chests out because we are now in the white people’s club while millions of our people suffer?

I am not saying black people should not be proud of their success however if that success is based on material value then we are in more trouble than we think. Our people were raised to be humble, not because we are submissive and inferior, but because we have a deep understanding of the importance of human connection. It is possible to have all the money in the world and have no one to share it with- just as it is possible to have very little money and experience heaven on earth.

What has happened to our value systems? Izikhothane are a reflection of us. Everything that happens on our public domain is a mirror of what is going on within us.

For me, Cassper was inspiring when he was creating his own magic, he truly is a magician and it is beautiful to watch; but he was not inspiring when he was bragging about things outside of himself. Bentley is the winner here, they got all his millions. He could have invested that money on Fees Must Fall or building a decent school for black children in a village in the North West. (and if you don’t wanna be told what to do with your money, then keep it in your private life lil bro.)

There are African values we have forgotten and they made life so much sweeter. It would have been more powerful to discover the Bentleys sometime later, randomly. And when we found out we would have mused about how humble Cassper is.

Instead his friendslaves had to climb on top of each other and almost break their necks so that he could ego fart for us. Hehehehe no stru guys. Lol! Even the memes that followed, showed us that this is a strange thing hence all the energy around it.

And a young message to the youth….Don’t Brag. Stay Humble, that is where the magic of human connection lies. Don’t alienate and xhomela people because life happens in cycles. Everybody has Ups and Downs….keep it cool. People will always be ready to celebrate you if you want to be celebrated just be wise about how you ask for attention.

The economic state in SA is not at a level where blacks should be bragging to each other about money and cars.


Please… eat quietly if you are doing nothing to change the situation for other black people….we are asking you nicely.