ENEMY - lyrics

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Sahlangana                                                                         We gathered

Sadibana                                                                              We united

Ngelaxesha sathi kwanele                                           When we said ‘enough’

Iinzala zikaNtu                                                                   Ntu’s creation

Igazi laphalala                                                                    blood spilled

 Oomama bakhalaza                                                       mothers wailed

Lakhala ilizwe lisithi                                                         The nation cried

Mayibuye                                                                            Mayibuye

Sadibana ezilok’shini                                                      We met in the townships

Sadibana ezitratweni                                                      We met in the streets

Safumana umhlaba ubomvu                                       We found the earth red

Ligazi lolutsha                                                                    with the children’s blood

There was no going forward

No going back

No surrender

No retreat

Die swart gevaar was just about to

Slap the other cheek

We were

pissed off about Bantu Biko

pissed of f about Chriss Hani

suddenly we realised

we were pissed off about Mangaliso Sobukwe

saziqokelela singabantu abamnyama                      We gathered ourselves as Africans

sathi kwanele                                                                    we said ‘enough’

basibizela uCODESA                                                        they called CODESA

apho basiqhathela khona                                             where they cheated us

basinika leVote engenamali!                                       They gave us this vote that has no economical value




uRhulumente Akanandaba!


The economy was kept in tact

And enriched a few house slaves

were allowed to sit

at the masters table

ANC no longer had to grovel

They thought they were mighty

On twitter

Screaming ‘Asinavalo’

Until Jesus came back

And they realised they

were eating crumbs so they blamed it

On white capital monopoly

When they had two thirds majority

Who knows what was stopping them from fixing

economic policies?

What’s wrong with me

for thinking that the government

Should be looking out for the majority?

Instead Mr

Was too busy concerned with buying a buffalo

He can’t own up to Marikana

But now he wants us to put a cross

Next to his face at the ballots

It’s a cacophony of buffalos and ballots

All wrapped up in a green blanket

with no apology.

Marikana is still bleeding


Like the State entities

that public servants are sucking dry

My leaders are more concerned

with labels than basics

Sit in expensive houses

playing white wishes

while they pretend that other blacks

aren’t deserving of sanitation,


and service delivery


In the past

The face of the enemy was a different shade to me

But now my reality

Is that the face of the enemy


Exactly like me