Done To Me Release

1404 views | Wed, 15th of November, 2017

In a bid to get more victims to speak out about their trauma from their rape, I have released a song of healing, DONE TO ME. This song is intended to bring tears and cleanse the spirit. We can only heal by facing our demons and making sure that they have less power over us.

My own journey of healing has led me to rediscover myself and find some kind of peace. Writing and recording Done To Me has been a breakthrough moment for me. I had struggled to cry and let people in but somehow this song has enabled me to purge all that rotten emotion I was carrying for so long. I feel some kind of release. I believe the more I perform it, the more healing it will bring to me and to others.

This process is going to hurt a little for us victims, so society please be gentle? This song is intended to create a small gap for us to purge and release all the bottled up emotions. It is ok for us to cry for a little bit, so we can rise again.

I have gained much strength in confronting this demon. This song has allowed me to cry and I hope it does the same for others.

DONE TO ME can be downloaded for FREE 

it is also available on soundcloud 

DONE TO ME was  produced and recorded by Chuchu at TIA Studios in Soweto and Mastered in the Virgin Islands

May the song bring much needed healing to all victims of RAPE and may we purge our society of this dis-ease.

Ntsiki Mazwai