Dear Mr Manana

1675 views | Mon, 21st of August, 2017

Dear Mduduzi Manana

I would address you as sir but you’re young and you are not deserving of any respect at this point. Much like most South Africans I was horrified to watch you and your company beating up women at Cubana. My heart sank further when I heard that you were in fact Deputy Minister of Education, meaning that you worked with our young boys and girls. A man like you should be nowhere near our youth. You are toxic.

On paper, your apology looked sincere until I saw the video where your arrogance competed with your insincerity. I saw a young arrogant man who had hanged himself but wasn’t even aware.

You were too young for the position you occupy. You have not developed emotionally and like you said, you have some ‘Inside’ work to do.


It is not enough to resign as deputy minister and stay on as a Member of parliament we do not recognise you as a leader. We do not pay taxes to enable men who cannot control their emotions and abuse women. As a public servant it goes without say that you need to have high moral values. The truth is that only you and those around you know how you got these jobs but in light of recent events the right thing to do is to get off the chair buti...both chairs. You cannot be a public servant and a woman basher, you have to pick a struggle. Seeing as it is the latter, you also belong in jail.

Violence against women is in a state of emergency currently in South Africa. It is a pandemic disease. It has a violent grip on our nation from inside shacks to Gated estates.

Men think they own women. They think they control women. They think they can say what they please to women. They think they can do as they please with women’s bodies. And not be held accountable.

If we normalise your behaviour, then our whole community is in trouble because all these men that you lead will normalise beating up women.


Other women have since come forward with the same accusation. Mr Manana it sounds like you have been a menace to society for a minute now. When I make a call for your arrest it is in the interest of our community. Our women are not safe for as long as you roam these streets.

We expect more from our leaders. And any other leaders who suffer your illness will be held liable too. The community will no longer silently watch as women get beaten up....not in this day and age.


Again, Mr Manana step down from parliament and pay the price for ALL the women you have punched and kicked.

This country will no longer be a statistic because of men like you. Men who refuse to take responsibility.

We will no longer be patient with men who beat our women.