Christianity is NOT AFRICAN

4033 views | Sun, 22nd of March, 2020

Listen.... You ABSOLUTELY cannot be an Africanist and a Christian at the same time. Pick a side.
Black people have been fed Jesus for so long that they are scared to let him go with the rest of colonialism.

Christianity did not exist in Africa before the arrival of white men. It did not exist. It arrived on the continent 2000 years ago with the Christian Missionaries. Before then, Africans existed for MILLIONS of years achieving extraordinary things and maintaining solid family structures. That was our religion - family. Unsamo. The home.
In the times of great africans civilizations Christianity did not exist. In the times of great African oppression Christianity existed.

Christianity is a tool that came with the white man to dismantle us. It was used to dismantle our systems and the African approach to life. Christianity replaced Isintu.

The Bible is a distortion of African myths and legends. When the Roman's saw what a deeply spiritual people we were they knew the ONLY way to enter us was spiritually. So they took some of the  stories that our grandmother's were telling, stories of Nubian and Egyptian legends, and the Romans remixed them to suit their agendas.
For instance in African spirituality the holy trinity was the father, the mother and the child...... The Romans changed it to Father, Son and Holy spirit? I mean what the fuck? Does that even make sense to you?
The African holy trinity represent life and continuity..... What is happening there by the Christians? A patriarchal orgy with a holy ghost? Nithini manje?
Really the things that we have been taught to believe we really need to question.

You are either a Christian or you are an African there is no cowardice Grey area. The Bible Brainwash is so deep that we have a people scared of an imaginary God who likes to punish his slaves. As for the Christian feminists who pray to a male God. Our father who art in heaven akere? Continue to be the neck sister basezokuAbuza.

African systems and spiritually are family and community based. So the divisive nature of Christianity is problematic. In Africa we had no words for lgbtqi because everybody was UMUNTU. That Bible which teaches you to hate other humans is not African.
We don't even have words for 'he' and 'she' in our languages so we walk with a spiritual force that has compassion and understands that Umdali is very creative and none of us are the same. Just like all the creatures on the earth.

You cannot be an Africanist and be Christian it's IMPOSSIBLE.
We are all spiritual beings and adding the word Christian to yourself does not bring you closer to God, it makes you a Deputy European.

And that Bible which keeps being revised and written by white people is not African.

Christianity is not African. Yes it is scary because it pulls the rug from under your feet and you feel like you need to hold onto something. Let's start to consider how the ancient ones lived, when Africa had its glory. When our men protected us, Women were sisters and all our children played together. Because since Christianity the woman lost her voice, the men are rapists and the children are on drugs.

MaAfrika where to from here?
Oksalyo Christianity is NOT AFRICAN