50 000 Bars of Soap

1866 views | Sat, 21st of March, 2020

Ok, I need to breathe and understand why the government dropped off soap in Diepsloot today as a measure against the Corona virus.
I am either confused or disgusted, I'm trying to figure out where I stand and why I am feeling so offended.
Yes I am one of the people who was calling on government to intervene, but not like this babhemi.... Not like this.

What was the thinking behind the bars of soap dropped off in Diepsloot when the Corona virus is an immunity problem. Not even Dettol or immunity boosters but bars of soap? Who signed this off?

If there is one thing that black people do not struggle with, it is cleanliness. This blog is going to have some awkward moments because WOW we are about to confront an elephant in the room.

Why is this hygiene conversation not happening in white dominated neighborhoods because honestly speaking, that's where the soap is needed the most. When you ask white people how often they wash, you will be taken aback by the answers. You will be flabbergasted. I don't know if it's a cultural difference or what (but it shouldn't be) but heyi we as African people are not used to this thing of people who bath less than once a DAY.  When you live in Africa with this blazing African sun it is absurd not to wash everyday.

On average Africans wash up to twice a day so for me the community of Diepsloot doesn't need bars of soap. If the government feels like Diepsloot is dirty perhaps they should look into service delivery and sanitation in the area. If the government wants to bring bars of soap to the diepsloot community then they must also bring that service delivery people voted for.
I am feeling so insulted as an African right now.
What are these bars of soap insinuating?

Back to the cleanliness agenda, it is our black mothers and black sisters who clean up after white people. I don't know if that suggests that white people don't know how to clean up after themselves but white women don't even wash their own panties and it's considered normal.... Something Africans would NEVER do. The level of cleanliness in melanin is the psychotic level where you have been called dirty and ugly all your existence and now you're over compensating. That's the level of cleanliness we are dealing with, one that had self hate scrubbing away at the blackness to try be more acceptable. So when you bring bars of soap to us.... It is uncomfortable because cleanliness is not our issue.
Our issue right now is that you elite people who book flights everywhere have picked up a disease and now you are bringing it into our communities. We don't even have passports but now you are here to bring us soap and germs tsamaBujwa.

Now that you have filled your fridges with all the meat.
Now that you have farms to run away to and self quarantine.
Now that you can afford the economic shut down headed our way.......

you wanna bring us soap?